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Many women, just like you, often grapple with feelings of anxiety, insecurity, feeling ‘off’ or unappreciated in their love lives.

Perhaps you’ve questioned if your upbringing or past experiences are to blame.

Or maybe you’ve chalked it up to attachment style.

You constantly strive for understanding, feeling like you should already have the answers.

You rationalize your feelings, thinking, “Maybe this is just how it is,” or “I’ve coped this long, why try to change now?”

But what if I told you there’s a simple way to change all of it…?

“One of the most lasting and impactful changes I received through the coaching sessions, was the realization that I have been carrying around many negative thoughts that caused me to fear and dread dating and using dating apps. However, through this work I have realized that I have the power to change my perceptions from fear and dread to curiosity and fun. And that I might even get to go to new places and adventures in the process.

I am now so much more open and willing to embrace dating and even a dating app.”